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It's been a while coming but I have finally decided to move to SYDNEYYY!!! So, firstly I want to address my name change. Quit...

It's been a while coming but I have finally decided to move to SYDNEYYY!!!

So, firstly I want to address my name change. Quite a few people have asked about it (and that was expected since I didn't give proper notice heh). 

you guys : *scroll scroll scroll* 'WHO DAT?!'

 Yes, I decided to use my English name as my FB name for a change. I use it at work and church so recently I've been responding to it more... but that doesn't mean everyone who's been calling me Weng for the past 12 years should stop calling me Weng! Haha. Sorry for confusion >_< Different people call me different names - I guess that makes me mysterious in a way :p 
[I realised it was a problem when almost no one had clicked on my last post.... *cries*]


Just around three weeks ago, I flew to Sydney from Tassie to explore our country's famous city with Fishy. We walked a lot and the weather was a stark contrast from Launceston. I was in love with it all and of course, the food is bombtastic. One thing though, traffic is insane .....and terrifying. 

DAY 1:

Bánh mì breakfast

Couldn't stop looking at the harbour bridge because I don't think I've seen many big bridges in my life.

*sings opera*

Watermelon cake at Black Star Pastry


Queen Victoria looking glam

Dr Seuss Art Store! 

Dinner at Cho Cho San. Best sashimi.

Darling harbour - again, marvelled at the flag next to the bridge because it's the biggest flag I've seen in my whole life. 

Walked from Darling Harbour and found ourselves at Hyde Park at the Sydney Festival.

DAY 2: 

John Montagu 

Petal Met Sugar

The Terrarium.... prettiest dessert *o*

St Mary's Cathedral, I felt lucky to witness a wedding photoshoot in midday.

My favourite statue of Our Lady with her 12 stars holding little Jesus.

Coolest busker and the biggest bubbles...

Sealife Aquarium! Finding Nemo memories.

Dories everywhere!

Spot the angry fishy.

There's the angry fishy.

Fun fact: The dugongs eat around 80kg of cos lettuce,  fed every 10-15 minutes, 12 hours a day.

Mamak with Juzzaaaaa

Sydney Tower Eye.

Since we had already covered the places nearby, it was fun to point out where we'd visited and realise how far we had walked :') 

Went back to visit the big guy at night.

DAY 3:

Shoutout to Juzza for taking us to Salmon and Bear. Now I want to make my own poke ball.

Beautiful morning walk through Hyde Park and visited the ANZAC memorial.

The 120,000 golden stars in the ceiling of the hall represent the men and women from NSW who served during the Great War. Amazing.

Australian Museum

Spent the last few hours just chilling before our flight and finished off with a trip to Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake shop to bring home for our family <3 

P.S I chose the cover photo because it's the best shot Alex has taken of me/I look like a marshmallow.

PPS. P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney does not exist ;_;

PPPS. I was kidding about moving to Sydney. Duh!

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